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Get Canada's lowest commissions

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It is possible to get what you want – and then some. Transfer an account with a minimum of $25,000 from another brokerage to Questrade and we'll pay your transfer fees up to $150.

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Buy ETFs commission-free

Trading, simplified. Again. And again.
ETFs are one of the fastest-growing investment products on the market. There are a lot of reasons they’re popular. Here’s one (and it’s a biggie): they’re absolutely free to buy at Questrade.

Here’s how it works:

  • Buy any Canadian or U.S. listed ETF absolutely commission-free, whenever you like. There’s no minimum holding period
  • When you’re ready to sell your ETF, pay the standard commission

You will not pay a commission for buy and cover trades for Canadian and U.S. listed ETFs executed through any Questrade IQ platform. Any ETF sell or short is charged the commission fee that would normally apply to the account.


  • The commission-free ETF offer and eligible ETFs (e.g,, ETFs from a particular provider or listed on a specific market) are subject to change without notice and at Questrade’s sole discretion;
  • Commission-free ETF buys and covers do not accrue toward calculating data fee rebates;
  • Other fees, such as data, Exchange and ECN fees may apply.

The Questrade Advantage

Canada’s lowest commissions
Trade stocks for 1¢, only at Questrade and only with the Questrade Advantage™ (which you get automatically when you register for an advanced data plan). Don’t want the Advantage? No problem: all our clients get zero commission bonds, trailer fee rebates with Mutual Fund Maximizer®, no-fee RSPs and TFSAs.

The Questrade Advantage™ is our active trader program for everyone. Register for an advanced market data plan, and you get:

  • Stock trades are
    1¢ stock trades (1¢ per share, 1¢ min / $6.95 max)
    $4.95 flat per trade
  • $6.95 option trades plus 75¢ per contract
  • Buy ETFs commission-free

Democratic pricing. No matter how much you trade or the size of your portfolio, you get great rates and lots of freebies.

  • Stock trades are 1¢ per share (min $4.95 / max $9.95)
  • $9.95 option trades plus $1 per contract
  • Buy ETFs commission-free