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Administrative fees

Withdrawal banking fees
CAD$ electronic fund transfer (EFT) up to $25,000.001   Free
USD$ electronic fund transfer (EFT) up to $25,000.001   Free
CAD$ wire transfer   $20.00
USD$ wire transfer   $30.00
International wire transfer   $40.00
CAD$ and USD$ uncertified cheque   $50.00
Certified cheque2   $75.00
Stop payment   $25.00
NSF cheque/returned items   $30.00
Registered savings plans fees
Self-directed RRSP/RRIF Free
Annual fee for second & subsequent accounts Free
Registered education savings plans (RESP) Free
Full plan deregistration $50.00
Partial plan deregistration $25.00
Canadian controlled private corporations (CCPC) fee $250.00 + $100.00 annually
Transfer fees
Transfer out an account to another institution   $125.00
Partial transfer of account to another institution   $25.00
Certificate fees
Deposit/Withdrawal at Custodian (DWAC)1   $100.00
Certificate re-registration2   $300.00
Rush certificate re-registration2,3   $450.00
Certificate deposit TSX, TSXV, NYSE and NASDAQ   $200.00
Rush certificate deposit TSX, TSXV, NYSE and NASDAQ3   $400.00
Safekeeping of certificate   $100.00/month
Direct registration statement (DRS) deposit   $100.00
Mailing fees
Special courier (Canada)   $25.00
Special courier (US)   $30.00
Regular mail   $10.00
Trade confirmations & monthly statement fees
Electronic trade confirmation in myQuestrade1   FREE
Electronic monthly statement (eStatement)   FREE
Copy of trade confirmation   $10.00
Copy of account statement   $10.00
Other fees
Open an account   FREE
Close an account   FREE
Inactivity fee (over $5,000 combined equity)   FREE
Inactivity fee (under $5,000 combined equity)1   $19.95/quarter
Mutual Fund Maximizer processing fee2   $29.95/month
Settlement of non-DTC (Depository Trust Company) eligible securities   $450.00
Private placement request3   $175.00
Precious metals withdrawal fee4   $75.00
Research request (minimum one hour)   $75.00/hr
Estate transfer (minimum one hour)   $75.00/hr

Note: QST and HST/GST are added where applicable. All administrative account fees are in the currency of the transaction in which they relate.