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Trade stocks for as low as 1¢ and options for $6.95 + 75¢ per contract. We’ve bundled together everything you need to get an edge with the Questrade Advantage, our active trader program. The best commissions available anywhere in Canada, and a few other great perks. Typically, programs for active traders require a minimum trading threshold or account balance. Not here. All you have to do is subscribe to an advanced market data plan and you automatically get the Advantage.

1¢ stock trades: your choice of 1¢ per share, 1¢ minimum / $6.95 maximum OR $4.95 flat stock commissions

Options commissions: $6.95 plus 75¢ per contract

Intraday Trader: plugs into your platform and turns your live streaming data into a personal technical analysis tool.

Data fee rebates: trade a lot? You could get your entire market data fee rebated

The Advantage dedicated support phone line

No equity or trading minimums

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How much does the Questrade Advantage cost?
The Advantage is part of any subscription for advanced market data packages.
I registered for advanced market data, now what?

If you register to start your data immediately, then the Advantage starts the next business day. If you register to start at the beginning of the month, then the Advantage (and all the perks) will kick in at the same time.

The default stock commission is $4.95 (flat). If you want the 1¢ min / $6.95 max plan, login to myQuestrade and visit the account management tab. The change will be in effect for the first of the next calendar month.

Do I want the 1¢ stock commission or $4.95 flat?
You know your trading style better than anybody else. If you tend to trade smaller numbers of shares, you likely want the 1¢ plan. If you tend to trade larger numbers of shares, the $4.95 flat plan may be better for you. Remember: if you decide to change your pricing tier during the month, you can do so in myQuestrade, and it will take effect the 1st of the following month.
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